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"I did the best I could and when I knew better, I did better."
Maya Anglou

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Linda sold out of her VHS video "The Choral Director as Voice Teacher."  The new DVD version of "The Choral Director as Voice Teacher." is now available through your local dealer.

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For 25 years Linda Spevacek has been writing choral compositions, presenting seminars, judging, conducting and teaching private voice. She has strived to bring her love of music and singing to everyone she has met and to each of the songs she has composed. Along the way she has honed the skills that have made her one of the most sought after clinicians in the world. Contained in the DVD are her powerful techniques for all levels of singers that can be used today and for years to come.

Apply her suggestions and bring out the best in each individual voice, whether singing solo or blending together as a choral group. All of the ideas presented in this DVD have been refined and perfected to help you get the most from your choir. Here at last, are the valuable tools you have requested from Linda. They will help motivate you and your choir to improve and rise to the next level of excellence.

Enjoy Linda's infectious enthusiasm as she introduces her ideas to a room of choral directors in a friendly, entertaining manner. Now, for the first time, you and/or your choir can practice along with Linda. An enclosed booklet lets you quickly select the technique you want to review.  Watch Linda put her ideas into practice by conducting three octavos (included) and see firsthand how she brings out the powerful techniques she has discussed.

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  • Learn how 'Mrs. Doubtfire®' brings out the best in the boys.
  • Learn how to make faces to open the sound
  • Learn the difference between Falsetto and Head Voice
  • Learn how to use consonants to open vowels
  • Learn how tongue pushups strengthen the voice
  • Learn how to use the tongue while singing
  • Do you know where you four speakers are and how to use them?
  • Learn why posture and breath are so important
  • Learn how to "Ride the breath" for better sound
  • How to get your choir and soloists to develop 'spin' (vibrato)
  • Learn how to sustain by the feeling of 'pushing out"
  • Do you know how 'pizza face' and 'frog throat' can aid in singing?
  • Learn how to be 'taller'
  • Learn how to sing through your 'Belly Button'
  • Learn why tone is truly mental by getting your choir to sing at different age levels
  • Learn all 10 vowels and where they appear throughout all of your music.
  • Plus so much more……